I. Make these sentences interrogative and negative

1. They listen to the news in the evening. 2. He spends all his money on books. 3. Mother wakes me up at seven o’clock in the morning. 4. Insummer we swim in the lake every day. 5. My friend teaches at the University. 6. I take a long walk every day. 7. She gets on well with her friends. 8. My parents want to buy new furniture. 9. She cuts her hair every month. 10. The old woman feels very cold. 11. Our father works in an office and comes home for lunch. 12. Our director signs many papers every day. 13. The children play all the morning and sleep in the afternoon. 14. His brothers work hard all day, and want to rest in the evening. 15. The postman bring letters three times a day .

I. Replace the infinitive in brackets by the Present Indefinite

1. It (to awake) my interest to economics. 2. She always (to get) good marks in English. 3. My studies (to begin) at half past eight. 4. I (to think) economy is a promising field. 5. Hard work usually (to lead) to good success. 6. My working day (to last) six hours. 7. He (to speak) English quite fluently. 8. Everybody (to know) that they (to watch) TV every evening. 9. The swimming bath (to open) at 9.00 and (to close) at 18.30 every day. 10. What time (the banks / close) in Britain? 11. The sun (to rise) in the East. 12. Bad students never (to work) hard. 13. It often (to snow) in winter. 14. She (to say), she (to hear) nothing. 15. My friend (to go) there nearly every week.

1. Change the following word combinations using possessive case.

The address of this man, the name of his sister-in-law, the room of our parents, the wedding of Jack and Mary, the house of the Browns, the table of my elder brother Jim.


Ответы и объяснения


1.do they listen to the news ....... ? They do not listen to the news...... . 2. Does he spend all his money..... ? he does not spend all his money..... . 3.does mother wake me up...... ? Mother does not wake me up..... . 4.do we swim in the lake every day in summer? In summer we do not swim in the lake every day. 5.does my friend teach ...... ? My friend does not teach........ . 6.do I take a long walk ....... ? I do not take...... . 7.Does she get on well...... ? She does not get on well...... 8.do my parents want to buy.... ? My parents do not want to buy..... . 9. Does she cut ..... ? She does not cut..... . 10. Does old woman feel....? The old woman does not feel..... . 11. Does our father work in an office.....? Our father does not work in an office....... 12.does our director sign.....? Our director does not sign ..... 13.do children play................? The children do not play.............. 14.do his brothers work hard all day, and want to rest ......? His brothers do not work hard all day............ 15.do the postman bring.......? The postman do not bring..... 

1.awakes2. Gets 3. Begin 4.think5.lead 6.lasts7.speaks 8.know, watch 9. Opens, closes 10.do banks close 11.rise 12.work 13.snows 14. Says, hears 15.goes

1. Man's address 2. Sister-in-low's name 3.our parents' room 4.jack and marry's wedding 5.browns' house my elder brother' s Jim table