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My favourite animal

My favourite animal is a horse. I like horses very much. I think, horses are very clever animals.

There is a horse club in our town. I`m a member of this club. I visit it three days a week. I have got my own horse. His name is Blondin, because he has a light crest. He has got big dark eyes, they look like big black buttons. His legs are long, because he is an Arabic fast horse. He takes part in races. He is very strong, because he is a race horse.

I like my horse very much .And he loves me too. Blondin and I are big friends. He likes sugar very much. Every time I go to the stable, I take sugar with me. Blondin knows about it and always cheerfully greets me. Our training lasts two hours. We gallop and jump. I like trainings with my horse very much. It isn`t easy to ride a horse. Sometimes I am very tired. But I feel very happy after my trainings.

And every time I`m looking forward to seeing my friend.