write a letter to your friend describing the things that have changed in your life over the last year. write about 100 words. ПРОШУ ПОМОГИТЕ


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Since our last meeting, much has changed. Including me. Grown, grow hair on poyas.Uhudshilos vision so I wear glasses. You would have laughed at them. Even moved to another school, I like it. Found a lot of friends. How are you? A lot of friends? I miss you, because no one understood me like you ... Recently saw the film, which you advised. Loved and reminded you. Miss. You always listened to me ... Tell me about Australia. It's hot, is not it? Write more often ... and we soon be winter, snow falls ... beauty. I hope you have not forgotten that I have a birthday in the winter. And what do you give? Well I want a souvenir or branded Australian boomerangs. Can you?