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My hobby - it is a sport, and football.

  I can not imagine my life if it were not for football. On weekends, always trying to get together with friends to play football.

  But unfortunately, it turns out very often. Especially in winter. I like to watch others play football, watch the beautiful game at the stadium not so often comes out, but you can on TV. Beautiful, tactical game and a spectacular treasure most.

  I really want to play for this football club. My friends and I regularly attend matches home team "Oilman" and cheer for our team even though we now have and problems.

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My favorite animal - a cat. Since my childhood I wanted to have a cat. Finally, my dream has come true - I came home a Siamese cat Kuzia. In Kuzi light brown muzzle, dark ears, feet and long striped tail flexible elongated body, large round head, on the face bristling mustache, beard and bright blue eyes. Eye color changes when he is angry or threatening, the pupils are then red, then green. The cat's ears always alert, they capture the slightest rustle.