Помогите написать сочинение по английскому. Минимумм 9 предложений максимумм 15. Остольное в вложеном файле. Слова которые написаны в карточке обязательно должны присутствовать в тексте!


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We live in a three-room flat. The first room is my parents’ bedroom, the second is a hall for guests, and the third is my bedroom. My favourite room is, of course, my bedroom. I spend most of my time there as it’s not only a bedroom but also a study. My room is very nice and cozy. I can’t say it’s spacious enough but I have everything I need there. There isn’t much furniture, only necessary things. For more convenience it’s built-in. My bed is situated in the left corner of the room, and my desk is in the right. Beside my bed there is a stylish lamp and a comfortable armchair with some stuffed animals on it. When it’s rainy weather outside, I like to turn on my lamp, sit in the armchair and read interesting books. As for the desk, it contains numerous drawers where I can keep my pens, pencils, markers, text-books, exercise books, notes, diaries and else. There are also some shelves with books in my room. I have a large collection of Russian and English books. There are some posters with my favourite quotations and music bands on the walls. They set a special atmosphere in my room. I like my room a lot. It’s the place where I feel fine. When my friends come over, I invite them into my room. It’s a suitable place both for work and for rest.