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Varicella (chickenpox) - vysokozaraznoe infectious disease primarily of childhood characterized by a bubbly rash.

Pathogen - a virus of the family Herpesviridae, the external environment is weak and dies within a few minutes.

Source chickenpox - a sick man. It becomes contagious for 2 days before the rash appears and saves the ability to drying crusts. Chickenpox can get shingles from the patient, as the causative agent of the disease is the same.

Chickenpox is transmitted by airborne droplets. Infection via third parties and items, used in a patient is virtually eliminated because of the low resistance of the virus in the environment.


Про болезнь Альцгеймера
Illness of Al'cgeymera is a making progress disease, slaying the people of middle and elderly age. Its typical signs are forgetfulness, changes in character, inability to be concentrated. Patients lose usual skills and ability to accomplish the simplest actions gradually, stop to be oriented in space, their speech becomes confused and incoherent, co-ordination of motions disappears, on the certain stage they stop to know near, the name and address forget.