Помагите пожалуйста написать диалог подружка разговаривает с больным(болит живот или горло, температура ) другом


Ответы и объяснения


Ann - Hello, How are you? Why didn`t you go to school yesterday?

Mary - Hello, I felt very ill. 

Ann -  What was the matter with you?

Mary - I had a high temperature

Ann - Can you go to school today?

Mary - No, I`m afraid, I can not. I feel, I should stay in bed for a few day

Ann - That`s all right. You mustn`t come if you are ill. Good bye!

Mary - Thank you, very much. Bye!















^You  don*t look  very  well.Are  you OK?                                                                        ^No.I*ve got a  stomachache                                                                                         ^Oh dear.How long have had that?                                                                                 ^It started last night.I ate a big Chinese meal.                                                               ^So take some medicine and go  to bed.                                                                        ^Good idea!