1. He (to leave) school two years ago but he (to get) a job yet.

2. I (to be) ill the day before yesterday, so I (not to go) to school.

3. - When you (to start) work?

- Ten years ago.

- How long you (to work) in this office?

- For five years.

4. You (to be) to Spain?

5. Brazil (to win) the football World Cup in 1994.

6. You ever (to see) a ghost?

7. She (to study) English for five years so now she can speak English very well.

8. We (to be) to Moscow. We (to go) there on holiday last week.

9. I (to be) very busy lately.

10. I (to have) a wonderful time there last year.

11. She never (to taste) muesli before.

12. He never (to hear) such a funny story.

нужно раскрыть скобки в Past Simple или Present Perfect.


Ответы и объяснения


1. He left... but he has got

2. was... i didn't go to school

3. when did you start work?  How long have you worked in this office?

4. You have been to Spain&

5. won

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