нужно написать письмос жалобой на плохое обслуживание в кафе


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A written complaint - this alarm

It is safe to say that by the time the consumer is "ripe" for the writing of the complaint, it happened at least one of the following events:

The client lost his temper. Letter requires some effort. Many say they will write a complaint, but in fact most do not fulfill his threat.
Customer is not satisfied with the results of oral negotiations. Most often written complaints followed after tried other ways to resolve the situation, or when a person thinks that the existing communication channels do not work 2.
The user tries to strike up a correspondence with the company to obtain documentary evidence to send the complaint to the court. If something goes seriously wrong and the client intends to appeal to the courts, he must be in possession of certain documentary evidence that he had given the company a chance to respond to the complaint.
Client could not find the person to whom you can express their grievances orally. All other things being equal, people prefer to complain verbally to a person. If the representatives of the department on work with clients is not in place, or consumers do not know how and where to complain, then they resort to the letter.
Awkward customer to complain in person. There are people who are easier to express their grievances in writing.
The client has a personal reason for which he could not or did not want to complain before. Perhaps the man was in a hurry or it was a tired child who wanted to go home. Some suffer speech impediments, or do not know how to express themselves. Sometimes they hesitate to complain about a large gathering of people.
Finally, encourage the client to the complaint in writing. Sometimes employees do companies ask customers to present the complaint in writing. In some cases it is the only way to draw attention to it. A written complaint suggests additional efforts client - because if the problem is not worried about it, it would not hinder yourself.
Obviously, the people who write the complaint, there are many reasons for such a move. Therefore, to answer them with platitudes wrong.