think of what you should say if: don't know how to spell a word; 2. you don;t understand what your teacher has just said; want to get a copy of something; want to find out how to say something in english; are late for your english class; 6. you want the teacher to write a word up on the blackboard; don't know to pronounce a word; 8. you want to know the English word for "землетрясение"; 9. you want to know if it's your turn to read the text;'ve left your book at home and want to say you're sorry; want to know how to say something in a better english; 2. you don't know how to say something in English and want your teacher to help you.


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1.Sorry, I don't know how to spell  this word. Could you help me, please? или How do you spell this word? 

2.Could you say it again, please?

3. Can I have copy, please?

4.  What do you call this thing in English?

5.I`m sorry, I`m late

6.Could you write it up on the board?

7. How do you pronounce this word? 

8. How do you spell "землетрясение"

9.I`m next?

10. I`m afraid, I`ve left my book at home?

11.What`s a better way of saying this?

12. Sorry. I didn`t get this. Could you say  it again, please?