Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses. 1. If you... (find) a skeleton in the cellar don't mention it to anyone. 2.If you pass your examination we... (have) a celebration. 3.What ...(happen) if I press this button? 4.I should have voted for her if I...(have)a vote then. 5.If you go to Paris where you ...(stay)? 6.If someone offered you one of those rings, which you ...(choose)? 7.The flight may be cancelled if the fog...(get) thick. 8.If the milkman... (come) tell him to leave two pints. 9.Someone ...(sit)on your glasses if you leave them there. 10.You would play bridge better if you ...(not talk) so much. 11.What I...(do) if I hear the burglar alarm? 12.If you...(read)the instructions carefully you wouldn't have answered the wrong question. Пожалуйста,помогите мне это сделать(


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1) found

2) had

3) happen

4) had

5) stay

6) choose

7) got

8) come

9) sit

10) talk

11) done

12) read

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