помогите пожалуйста! Look at the verbs. Put them in two columns; Regular and Irregular. Write their Past Simple. to live, to sleep, to get up, to brush, to wash,to go, to have, to take, to be, to like. Regular to live-lived. Irregular to sleep-slept.


Ответы и объяснения


Regular :

to live -  lived,

to wash - washed,

to brush -  brushed,

to like - liked,


to sleep-slept

to get up - got up, 

to go - went,

to have - had,

to take - toke,

to be - was, were.


Regulary verbs

To live-lived

to brush-brushed

to wash-washed

to like-liked


Irregulary verbs

to sleep-slept

to go-went

to have-had

to take-took

to be -was,were

to get up-got up