оветьте на вопросы из рассказа Мэри Поппинс

1.What was Mary Poppins like ?

a)She was very special

b) She was very noisy

c) She was not nice

2.What kind of bag did Mary Poppins have ?

a)It had carpet inside

b)It was empty

c) It was magic

3.What did Mary Poppins take out of her bag ?

a) a bottle of lemon-juice

b) a bed

c)a table

4. What surpised Jane and Michael ?

a) Mary Poppins had a bag with her

b) The way Mary Poppins went upstairs

c)The way Mary Poppins looked like.

5. Jane and Michael asked Marry Poppins some questions . What question did she answer "yes "?

a) Will you leave is ?

b)Is that your medicine?

c) Is your bag to carry carpets in ?


Ответы и объяснения


1. вариант а)

2. вариант c)

3. вариант а)

4. вариант b)

5. вариант a)