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  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

My house is in the сity centre in a residential area.It is beautiful .The house has 3 bedrooms,a hall,a kitchen,2bathrooms and a toilet.There  is a large sofa,a coffee table,a large table,chairs,a TV and many paintings in the hall.My room is small.It includes a large bed,side tables,a desk,a chair,a lamp and a wardrobe.There is also a bathroom in my room.I like my room.


моя комната .

Я люблю проводить время в гостиной я делаю там уроки , читаю книги, смотрю телевизор и  играю в компьютерные игры , и вообщем делаю что захочу - это моя любимая комната .

my room . I like to spend time in the living room, I was doing there lessons , reading books, watching TV and playing computer games , and generally do what I want, this is my favorite room .