Помогите с английским) Нижеперечисленные слова нужно вставить в текст(в нужном варианте,в правильной форме то есть) СЛОВА: 1 week 2 tradition 3read 4 new 5 differ 6entertain 7 compete 8 inform 9 live 10 detail 11 cover 12 celebrate 13 advertise 14 power 15 influence ТЕКСТ First News is an educational and(entertaining)newspaper . First News is a(1) newspaper published every Friday and available for just 1. First News is a produced in a (2) ,full colour , tabloid newspaper format. The weekly caters for young(3) to get them interested in the(4) about the world around them. In 24 pages, every week, the newspaper offers the stories under(5) headlines: World and UK News,(6) Books, Puzzles and(7) ,Crazy But True Articles and others. First News tells children about today’s issues, it gives them a lot of(8) and entertains them. The weekly has fun design and a (9) reporting style. It offers(10) reports (11) . The weekly contains popular articles on (12) with much gossip and many photographs. There are a lot of(13) in First News which are about what’s new, what’s in and what’s happening. First News is becoming one of the most (14) and(15) media helping young people and encouraging them to take an active interest in the world around them.


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1. weekly

2. traditional

3. readers

4. news

5. different

6. entertaining

7. competitions

8. information

9. living

10. detailed

11. covers


13. advertisement

14. powerful

15. influencing