Put the verb in brackets in the Present Perfect or Past Simple tense 1. Have you heard the rules? They _______________(just/elect) a new manager. 2. Martha _______________(find) a new job. She is starting next week. 3. When ______________Simon _______________(arrive) at the cinema yesterday? 4. John is a well-known artist. He ______________(paint) a lot of pictures. 5. John ________________(paint) his first picture in 1980. 6. Mike _______________(win) more than 20 medals when he was a sportsman. 7. I ________________(see) Sting last year. 8. I ______________(speak) to Celine Dion. 9. I _______________(write) 5 letters this week. 10. I ______________(read) this book a month ago. 11. He _______________(still/not/buy) a computer. 12. They ________________(yet/not/find) the way out. 13. _______________you ______________(write) this translation yet? Ex. 3. Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous 1. What ____________you ______________(look) at? –Some photos I __________(take) when I _____________(be) on holidays. 2. I _______________(be) sorry, but I ______________(not understand) what you _____________(mean). 3. What ___________Jane_____________(do)? – She ______________(be) a teacher, but she ______________(not teach) at the moment. 4. He never _____________(smoke) and ___________usually __________(not eat) meat. 5. Last time I _____________(go) abroad was when I ______________(go) to London. We _____________(stay) in London for three days. On the first day when I ______________(do) the sights, I _____________(meet) my old friend. He ___________just______________(go) to his hotel when we ___________(come) across. 6. ___________you ____________(often, go) to the gym? – I _______________(not go) much at the moment, I ____________(not have) time. I ____________(be) too busy these days. But I ___________(want) to go to the gym next week. 7. Tomorrow Kate _____________(visit) her aunt, that’s why now she _____________(make) a cake. It _____________(smell) delicious! When Kate ____________(visit) her aunt last week, she _______________(buy) some pastries from the baker’s, but they _____________(not be) that good. Ex.4. Complete the conversation. Use some, any or no. A: I’m making ___________coffee. Would you like _________? B: No, thanks. I’m going shopping. What do we need? A: Well. We haven’t got ___________bread. B: Have we got _____________cheese? A: No, we haven’t. And there aren’t __________eggs. B: Is there ___________tea left? A: No, there’s ____________tea. And we haven’t got ___________rice. B: Right. Bread, cheese, eggs, tea and rice. A: Have you got enough money? B: I’ve got_______________, but not much. Can you lend me ___________? Ex.5. Supply one of the compounds with some-, any- and no. 1. At the party you’ll see ______________you haven’t met yet. 2. I’m not going to see him because I have ______________important to report. 3. I was late. I found____________in the house. 4. I think there’s _____________wrong with my watch. 5. Is there ________________at home? 6. The doorbell rang but there was ____________there. 7. I know ______________at all. 8. _____________can become a member of the club by paying a subscription. 9. When we get there it may be too late to do ______________. 10. ______________has been here before us. 11. “Why don’t you say ___________?” he demanded. 12. This is my affair and ____________else’s. 13. He looked at my pictures and didn’t say __________________. Ex.6. Put the correct form of much, many, (a) little, (a) few. 1. You’ve made so _____________(много) mistakes in your test again! –Don’t be surprised, I had___________(совсем немного) time to get ready for it. 2. Do you have ____________(много) time on Saturday? 3. I’m afraid we have too _____________(мало) flour to make a cake. –I think we can cook the cake, there is still _____________(немного) flour left. 4. I don’t have ___________(много) friends in Italy, but still there are ___________(много) people I’d like to see. 5. Don’t hurry, take as _____________(много) time as you need.


Ответы и объяснения


Извини но только первое задание.

1. have just elected


3.did ... arrived

4.has pointed







11.has not bought still

12. They have not found the way out yet.

13.have you written