Используйте любую информацию, которая у вас есть, и представьте себе, что вы принимаете группу туристов по Красной площади. Расскажите им о местах, которые они могут видеть вокруг. На английском языке. ПЛЛЛЛИИИЗЗЗЗЗ. 100 слов минимум.


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The Moscow is certainly the largest city of the world. There are a lot of sights such as world-famous Red Square, St. Basil Cathedral;The climate out here is certainly quite great and it enjoys the low temperature throughout the year. There are so many hotels in Moscow that you can easily find the accommodation. Some of the hotels are cheap as well. Hence, you cannot say that the Moscow is good only for the rich class. Even if you are from the middle class, then as well you can afford a honeymoon in Moscow.