Что здесь нужно вставить? Помогите пожалуйста) This problems is really 1...nowadays when millions of trees disappear because of air 2… . One way to solve it is to use recycled 3… . You have never heard about it? It can’t be 4… , you are joking. What about shopping 5…for carving different things? Did you pay attention to words written on them: recycled from old paper? People nowadays use 6…of these bags and many other recycled things. 7… recycling means the following. In many big cities and even small towns you can find a recycling center. From here old paper is sent to the paper 8… . After some special procedures called «recycling» new paper is made of the old one.

1. A)urgent B)interesting C)fabulous D)incredible 2. A)danger B)disappearance C)pollution D)discovery 3. A)iron B)cellulose C)water D)paper 4. A)so B)truth C)true D) funny 5. A)bags B)wallets C)containers D)boxes 6. A)thousands B)millions C)dozens D)hundreds 7. A)in brief B) radically C)sadly D)interestingly 8. A)mills B)plants C)laboratories D)instates


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