помогите..нужно составить докончить вопросы в столбике с права и ответы..Фото задания я тоже добавила.помогите


Ответы и объяснения


Where can I get a train? – you can get a train from a railway station

Which platform do the trains leave from? – The trains leave from Platform 1

How many trains are there per hour? – There are 2 trains per hour

When/What time do the trains leave? The trains leave at 2

When/What time do the trains arrive? – The trains arrive at 4

What sort of train is there at 2?  - There is a fast/slow train at 2

How much does a 1st class single/return (ticket) cost? – A 1st class single/return (ticket) costs 5 USD

How much does a 2nd class single/return cost?- A 2nd class single/return costs 3 USD

 How much does a cheap excursion ticket cost?- A cheap excursion ticket costs 10 USD

How long does the journey take? - The journey takes 2 hours.

Is there a restaurant car in the train? – Yes, there is / no, there is not