Прочитай электронное письмо.Выбери правильное слово и впиши его в прпопуски .

Dear Chirtian.

My name is Emely and i want to be your e-pal.I am seven years old and I from England. My parents are doctors. I 1)___ two brother . They are students at the university of London.Have2)__ got any brother or sisters?In my free time, I go to the cinema with my brother or hang out with my friends. My best briend 3)___ Selema. 4)___ mother is from India and her father is from Germany.please write soon and tell 5)__ all about your family and friends.

Best wishes,


1) A your B yours c your

2 A be B can C have got

3) A you B your C yours

4) A am B is C are

5) A she B hers C her

6) A i B me C my


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