помогите написать сочинение про метро!(не московское)

на английском языке)


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Essay-description with the elements of reasoning in my opinion, the best way to travel around the city - it's walking. When you are walking, you do not depend on any kind of transport. You can enjoy the beauty of buildings and landscapes. And walking along the streets, you can go wherever you like. It's all the benefits. But, of course, the inconvenience of walking - it's the time you spend on them.
    If you are short of time, and you hurry, it is better to use any form of public transport. If you live close to the subway, I suggest you use this mode of transport. First of all, it is a fast mode of transport. Trains go every 3-5 minutes. This is the most reliable form of transport. As for trams, trolleybuses and buses, there are many factors that can prevent their normal operation. In all my years of travel in the metro, it's never let me down. As for the fare, it is not much more expensive than in the tram and bus, but cheaper than most buses and minibuses. The only drawback subway - is that his line does not cover the entire city. But near each station go trolleys, buses and vans. You can also travel around the city by car, if you have one. But around the city is very hard, especially in the daytime. Many traffic jams on the roads, so it is more convenient to travel by subway. If you want to arrive at your destination without unexpected complications and for a short time, you can order a taxi by phone. But take into account that it can be very expensive. I wish you a good time and get a good impression of the city.

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