напишите плиз сочинение по английскому языку подростки в москве по проще СПАСИБО НАПИШИ ТЫ ЛУЧШИЙ ))) пожалуйста решается моя треместровая оченка либо 3 либо 4 пожалуйста


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Some teenagers  - two boys and a girl - came to Moscow. They were friends. They were from the same town but from different schools. They wanted to see the capital of Russia. They went there by bus. They went to Tretjakov galary, they visited the Red Square and they walked in the parks. They visited a lot of different and interesting places. They took photos of different places. The weather was nice. The sun was shining brightly. They wore jeans and T-shirts.   In the afternoon they went to a cafe. They ate pizza and drank juice. In the evening they went  to the concert of their favourite rock group. They liked it. They could see their idols and take their autographs. After the concert they went to the disco. It was fun. They danced and made a lot of friends. They liked this night club very much. They liked Moscow. They decided that they had to live and work there.