Ребят помогите составить монолог Give a talk about museums. Remember to say: x why people need museums; x the last time you went to a museum and what you saw there; x what museum you would recommend to tourists of your age who are on their first visit to your city and why. You have to talk for 1.5–2 minutes.



Ответы и объяснения


Museums need people to intellectually enrich your inner world.

Few people ever in my life to visit the museum, just because a person with a child attached to culture. If parents do not do this, the schools visiting such establishments included in the educational and instructional programs. Sometimes, after a visit to the museum children ask this question: "Why do we need a museum?" This issue can be forgiven for children, but adults need to understand why you need a museum. To understand why we need a museum, it is necessary to understand exactly what they look like. Museums are a unique repository of artifacts that are the subject of demonstrating the way of life, traditions, customs, way of life, features and events of the past. That is, museums are a memory. So the answer to the question why they are needed, we can only say, to be remembered, appreciated and knew. Museums are a story, so you need to understand that, without knowing the history, it would be difficult to imagine the future, and therefore, it is difficult to build it. Status of the museum at the moment can not be uniquely identified.


 At one time in every man's life there is a need to consider the distance traveled and understand something. The emergence of museums at the moment due to the same. Museums emerged in a time when mankind and society there was a need to look back, and the need for self-awareness and self-knowledge. All modern museums appeared in the last few centuries. From a historical point of view, it is not much. Therefore, today the appearance of the museum can not pass easily. For example, all the time talk about the need to open a museum of contemporary art. But how do you know what this is? It can be a center or gallery, museum of modern art is literally tomorrow will be the museum yesterday.

I believe that children between 13 and 15 years can be recommended museums: the Hermitage, the National Gallery of Art, and of course, the Egyptian Museum


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