Exercise 67. Complete the sentences. Use am/are/is + one of these verbs: building, coming, having, playing, cooking, standing, swimming 1. Listen! Pat... the piano. 2. They... a new hotel in the city centre at the moment. 3. Look! Somebody... in the river. 4. "You... on my foot". "Oh, I'm sorry". 5. Hurry up! The bus... 6. "Where are you, George?". "In the kitchen. I... a meal". 7. {on the telephone) "Hello. Can I speak to Ann, please?". "She... a shower at the moment. Can you phone again later?".


Ответы и объяснения


1. is playing

2. are building

3. is swimming

4. are standing

5. is coming

6. am cooking

7. is having


is playing от себя я бы добавила on

are building

is swimming

are standing

is coming

am cooking

is having хотя я бы написала taking