Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice.

1. A marble pavillion protects the house. 2. The boys will paint the roof of the house. 3. Tom Sawyer whitewashed the fence. 4. Her daughters gave her three beautiful dishes as a birthday present. 5. Tom gave Nick a book for his birthday. 6. Our mother tells us stories every evening. 7. Lydia will show you a new book of pictures. 8. A boy showed her the way. 9. They will send us a box of fruit. 10. Five or six small children followed them. 11. In summer the boys often drive the horses to the fields. 12. Ivan Susanin led the Poles into the thickest part of the forest. 13. The waves carried the boat away. 14. We shall do the translation in the evening. 15. They water the flowers regularly. 16. You promised me these books long ago, 17. Bessie's father gave her a complete set of Walter Scott's works. 18. Irene's husband brought her some beautiful shells from the south. 19. The explorers gave the newspaper reporters a long interview. 20. Mr. Wilson will teach you English. 21. The doctor ordered me a month's rest from studying.


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1. The house is protected by a marble pavillion.

2. The roof of the house will be painted by the boys.

3. The fence was whitewashed by Tom Sawyer.

4. She was given three beautiful dishes as a birthday present by her daughters.

5. Nick was given a book for his birthday by Tom.

6. we are told stories every evening by our mother.

7. You will be shown a new book of pictures by Lydia.

8. She was showed the way by a boy.

9. We shall be sent a box of fruit by them.

10. They were followed by five or six small children.

11. In summer the horses are often driven to the fields by the boys.

12. The Poles were led into the thickest part of the forest by Ivan Susanin.

13. The boat was carried away by waves.

14. The translation will be done by us in the evening.

15. The flowers are watered regularly by them.

16. I was promised these books long ago by you.

17. She was given a complete set of Walter Scott's works by Bessie's father.

18. She was brought some beautiful shells from the south by Irene's husband.

19. The newspaper reporters were given a long interview by the explorers.

20. You will be taught English by Mr. Wilson.

21.I was ordered a month's rest from studying by the doctor.