Read the article. Does Manat win the fight?

In Thailand everyone loves Thai boxing. 1)....Thai boxing is different from boxing in other countries. You can use your hands and arms but you can also kick\. You must be strong too. Twelve-year-old Manat is a student at a Thai Boxing training camp. 2).....At the camp he practices for seven hours day seven hours day seven days a week! He trains hard because he wants to be a champion. Champions get money as a prize. 3)…..

Now Manat is getting ready for his second fight. He is calm and he only thinking about the fight because he wants to win! 4)…. Yes!

5)….. Manat is very good but he doesnt win the match this time. He is sad but he isn’t giving up. He can still be a champion!


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 Manat is very good but he doesnt  win the match this time. He is sad but he isn’t  giving up. He can still be a champion!

Манат - хороший, но он не выигрывает матч в этот раз. Он грустит, но не сдается. Он все ёще может быть чемпионом.