проверить правильность построения прредложений. What city is depicted in one of the first card? (Babylon) Who first to describe a polar equi-azimuthal projection of the celestial sphere? (Biruni) Who discovered the New World? (Columbus) Who completed the first circumnavigation? (Elcano) Who wrote the book which called history? (Herodotus) Whom ancient Greeks called the founder of geography? (Homer) Who from Arab scientists created one of the most accurate maps? (Idrisi) Works of Homer (Iliad) Who started the first circumnavigation? (Magellan) How called the city in which lived Thales? (Miletus) Who first to propose a spherical world? (Pythagoras) How many islands depicted on the map of Babylon? (Seven) Who first determine the size of the land and the length of one degree of the meridian? (Eratosthenes) The only ship of the fleet, returned to Spain from circumnavigation. (Victoria)


Ответы и объяснения


(лексику не смотрю, только граматику постоения преложения)

1-вроде верно

2 who was the first....

3 who did discover the....

4 таже ошибка!после вопросительного слова нужен вспомогательный глагол did, а потом глагол в 1 форме

Вопросительное слово + did + существительное + глагол в инфинитиве

5 таже ошибка

6 я бы написала так who was called (пассив)the founder of geography by ancient Greeks