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you and your brother or sister are deciding what programmes to watch on TV. Work in pairs and try to come to some decision

your choice is: a serial. a melodrama a football match an old disney cartoon a political talk show


Ответы и объяснения


You: Ivan, what do you want to watch on a TV right now?

Brother: Honestly... I don't know... Let's look for something interesting in a TV programme?

Y:Good idea! Oh! Today will be new series of my favourite serial!? What do you think about it?

B: Come on! You know that I don't like horrors, maybe will better watch a football match? It's going to start soon!

Y: No,no,no... I hate football! I still cannot understand how you can see this! It's so boring!

B: So... Do you have any ideas else?

Y: Hmm... Let me think... Yes! I find! It's our favourite Disney cartoon about Cinderella! Do you you remember how we like it when we were kids?

B: Yes, of course I do! No doubt we will see it today!