Grammar: Shall I ....?I'll...

Match the offers winth the situations.

1.The room is too cold.

2.The musik is too loud.

3.You've lost some money.

4.Your bag is too heavy.

5.The room is in a mess.

6.You want to speak to Rob.

7.You don't want to go to the dentist alone.

8.You haven't got any milk.


A.I'll tidy it up

B.Shall I close the window?

C.Shall I buy some?

D.I'll come wuth you

E.Shall I turn it down?

F.Shall I phone the police?

G.I'll lok for him

H.Shall I carry it?


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1.B.Shall I close the window? The room is too cold.

2.E.Shall I turn it down?The music is too loud.

3.F.Shall I phone the police?You've lost some money.

4.H.Shall I carry it? Your bag is too heavy.

5.A.I'll tidy it upThe room is in a mess.

6.D.I'll come with youYou want to speak to Rob.

7.D.I'll come with youYou don't want to go to the dentist alone.

8.C.Shall I buy some?You haven't got any milk.