How many parts does the Palace of Westminster consist of? a) One b) two c) three 2. What are the main colors of the Houses of Parliament? a) Gold, red and blue b) gold, green and red c) red and green 3. Who writes the Queen’s speech? a) The Queen b) the Government c) the lord Chancellor 4. Which are Britain’s two main political parties? a) The Democratic, the Republican and the Conservative b) The Conservative and the Democratic c) The Labour and the Conservative. 5. Whose shoe should a Conservative touch? a) David Lloyd George’s b) Winston Churchill’s c) the Queen’s 6. Why do MPs sometimes sit on the steps? a) There are more MPs than seats in the House of Commons. b) It’s a part of an old tradition. c) It’s punishment for those who are late. 7. When can you see the Mace in the House of Commons? a) It’s always there. b) Only when the Queen comes. c) When the House is debating. 8. How old is Westminster Hall? a) More than a thousand years old b) More than a hundred years old c) More than four hundred years old


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