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I am a citizen of Russia! Pronounce these three words and unpretentious feel like the happiest, the proudest man on earth. You cover soulful delight, and it seems that our Russia - the best in the world. And if you are a true citizen of the Fatherland, I will do everything to make it prosper, all lived in peace and harmony, and your children to become full citizens of the Russian Federation

The word "citizen" multiple values. First, the citizen - a citizen of a country with the right to citizenship. Second, from more ancient times the word "citizen" has a deep meaning associated with freedom, human rights and responsibilities. And in that far away from us time to lose the status of a citizen was a great shame. The modern citizen of Russia, too, has its rights and duties, as he lives in a state of law, which protects the freedom and human rights, and also monitor its activities laws. If you correctly understand that a great word, you have to interact with the community as well as with the state. Only an active part in public life will help us young, formed as a person, to have your perspective on life. In our legal democratic state, I, like thousands of my peers, I have the right to elect and to be elected, the right of access to public office, to be a member of the public organization or party. I have the right to participate in the referendum, to take part in rallies, street marches. The right to vote is given to all adult with eighteen years. And I do not understand those people who refuse to go to the polls.