заполни пропуски использую данные в скобках глаголы и wall или правильную форму be going to.

Hey Mark! What are you going to do during half-term ?

You (nit believe) it but I(visit) Swizerland !

Really ? That's so exciting !Swizrland is great. I'm sure you (love) it.

I think so, too. My family and i (stay) at a hotel near the Swiss Alps.


Yeah, it great.I (play) in the snow every day.My brother and I _____ also ___(try) to learn how to ski.

You're so lucky.I wish I could go with you.

Maybe you can. (i/ask) my parents ?


OK, then. I (talk) to them tonight.


I think we should go to class now or we (be) late

You're right. Let's go


Ответы и объяснения


won`t believe 

will visit

will love

will stay

will play

will try

Will i ask

will talk