You have received a letter from your english pen-friend Helen who writes : ... I`ve just come from Scotland. It was exciting. Travelling is my hobby. And what about you ? Do you like to travel? Why? Where did you travel last time ? Where would you like to go next summer ? As for my news , i had a birthday party yeaterday.


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Dear Helen.

Thank you very much for your last letter.It was interesting to learn about your journey in Scotland. And I am going to tell you about my attitude to travel.

Well,as for me,I enjoy travelling. It is very interesting to visit different countries and cities. I was in England last time.And I would like to visit Japan next summer.

By the way, where did you spend your party? Who was at your birthday party? It was great,wasn`t it?

However,I have to finish my letter.I`m looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.