Мне нужноо по английскому написать сочинение про курта кобейна на английском языке. краткое. подскажите пожалуйста :*


Ответы и объяснения


Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20, 1967. He was a very energetic child and received a guitar at the age of 13. This guitar, and his poetry which was inspired by his misunderstood feelings, fueled him to create the greatest music of all time. His attraction to Courtney Love Harrison was a mysterious and violent one. Whenever they met, they would either wrestle in a bar or burn each other with cigarettes. Soon enough, they married and their only child, Frances Bean Cobain, was born in 1993. Frances was the love of his life and he would never bring her any pain. Kurt and Courtney were having marital problems mainly because Courtney felt she was not receiving the attention she deserved for her band Hole. She felt this because her husband was the infamous Kurt Cobain: lead singer of Nirvana. Kurt had never asked for fame or attention. In fact he was planning on "breaking-up" the band and renaming themselves to remain in the underground world of music. But he did not get a chance to do so, neither did he have the chance of seeing the love of his life, Frances, grow up. He had had major problems with drugs and had escaped from approximately 37 rehab centers. The last one he escaped from was on April 1, 1994. Seven days later, on April 8 at 8:40AM, his body was found by an electrician at the Cobain house in Seattle, Washington. Autopsies prove his death was no later than on the evening of April 5. Next to his body was a note to his fans, a shotgun, and a box of heroin syringes. It was proclaimed suicide by the authorities but too many factors could lead to later proving it was not suicide whatsoever. Those factors are: the validity and interpretation of the "suicide" letter, the amount of heroin in his system, and Courtney Love's involvement with the death. Kurt Cobain was a loving father and would never leave his beautiful daughter and fans through suicide.