Сочинение на тему : моя идеальная школа

Проверить мою граматику, построение предложений. Если есть ошибки , то исправьте. и покажите как и почему. Если можите то добавьте по смыслу еще какие-нибудь предложения

I love my school. I do not know how looks like my ideal school.
My school is the best. The school has small flaws.
We have a lot of people, but not enough places. And I do not like it. We also have a long change. In our school very tasty food. Our teachers are very good people. They are demanding to his subject.. I like surprising number of lessons and homework.
I can say that I'm in an ideal school.


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The school of my dreams is a three-storied building of modern constriction. It takes in all the children of the surrounding area. More than 1,500 pupils study here. On entering the lobby of the school we find the pupils cloak-room where the pupils take off and put on their clothes. On the ground floor there is our lunch-room, work-shops and some rooms. Our Head-master's room is also on the ground floor. 
The straircase will take you upsteirs where we have a lot of classroom and labs. Our school library is on the first floor: Chemistry lab, biology room, English room, history room are also on the first floor, Besides here you will find the school office and the big assembly hall. Meetings, school parties are held in this hall. Our gymnasium hall is also here. we have our phisical traning there. Besides there is a stadium in front of the school  building. 

On the second floor you can see different labs and rooms: German room, physics lab, Russian and literature room, math's room, computer classes and many others. Besides, there is our medical inspection room.


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