составте какую нибдь историю по плану: 1)set the scene(who, when, where, what) 2)events in chronological order, climax event 3)what happened in the end, characters feelings не меньше 120 слов)


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This is Sir Skylight, a shining white knight. He is brave in the daytime, but not at night. By the light of day, he fights wit all his might. But when nighttime comes, he flies home in fright. Sir Skylight's mum comes to tuck him up tight. "Sleep tight, son." "Night, night Mum." But he lies and sighs and cries all night. Then Sir Skylight has a bright idea...I'll be alright at night with these nice bright lights. And now, when the moon shines in the sky, he rides far and wide, with his head held high. вот тебе история читай и удивляйся