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I had an Autumn holiday! It was not very long, but  I had a rest. I met with my friends. We walked together every day if the weather was fine. We walked in the park or in the street. If it was rainy and cold we went to a café and eat pizza with juice.  One day  I went to the cinema with my best friend. We watched a horror film “Silent Hill”.  It was about a girl who looked for her father in Silent hill. It was a very creepy film.  I liked it. In the evening I played  computer games or listened  to music or read a book. I read a book about anorexia; one girl didn’t eat anything and gets ill. At weekend I visited  my grandparents with my parents. I helped my grandmother to cook dinner. We had a very tasty dinner. After dinner we saw old photos of my family. It is always interesting for me to find  out something interesting about my relatives.  I liked my holiday very much because I did everything I wanted.