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I like history. I think, history is very interesting and useful subject. Besides [bɪ'saɪdz] school books pupils can get information about history events from encyclopedias, newspapers, TV set and the Internet. History can teach us a lot of things. Historical events, for example, make us analyse the life of people in the past, think about their mistakes and help us to make the right choice. Unfortunately [ʌn'fɔːʧ(ə)nətlɪ], people not always learn lessons given by history. Moreover [mɔː(r)'əuvə], I want to say, that Russian people should be proud of their history. Our great – grand parents won several wars due to their bravery and courage ['kʌrɪʤ]. There are a lot of monuments and places, where we always remember their acts of bravery.


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People who study history are called historians. But there are many branches of jobs for historians. Archeologists for example, excavate remains of cities and people. Paleontologies go deeper in time and find bones of dinosaurus and the first life forms.

To explain history and to show people how humans have lived throughout the ages, professors have built museums. I have visited many museums and learned a lot about history.