Упражнение 18. Найдите предложения с глаголом-сказуемым в Present Continuous, переведите. 1. Water and air are becoming more and more polluted. 2. At present computers are more widely used in the sphere of education. 3. Where were you at six o'clock? We were studying in the read¬ing-room. 4. There are government and public organizations that are analysing data on land, forest and air. 5. New courses of educa¬tion such as management are being organized in many institutes. 6. What will you be doing in the laboratory tomorrow morning? We shall be watching the operation of a new device. 7. Measures are being taken to save Lake Baikal. 8. The situation at Lake Baikal is remaining very serious. 9. Much attention is being paid at present to the development of international scientific contacts. 10. Science is becoming a leading factor in the progress of mankind.


Ответы и объяснения


4.Существуют государственные и общественные организации, которые анализируют данные о земле, лесе и воздухе. 8. Ситуация озера Байкал остается очень важной.

10. Наука становится ведущим фактором в развитии человечества.