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My dad loves all our family, and we greatly love. Thank you father for what he had a lot of good for us does. He is a good and about all cares. Dad I need to ensure that helped clean up toys, bought clothes and played with me.

Daddy loves me very well: strong, brave, courageous. I feel this heart, when he kisses me. I need a father to love me, to teach with me lessons and buy us with her brother toys.

My dad is a good, clever, strong, brave, courageous, tough. Dad with me playing soccer. Sometimes, when he has some free time, rides with me from the hill. Walk with me to the store. Buys me everything I ask for, good and different. I love his dad for what he walks with me for a walk and rolls on the machine.

I like my dad. I love him very much. He is a good and hard-working. Can never hurt anyone. I like the Pope eyes, face and figure.