Сделайте предложения пожалуйста 1)teacher,school,teach,students. 2)greengrocer,greengrocer"s,sell fruit and vegatables 3)postman,post office,take letters to people's houses 4) waiter,cafe,serve people 5) often,do,play,soccer?,How,you 6) sometimes,Pam,Saturdays.goes,cinema,to,on,the 7)go,I,to,usually,once,park,the,week.a 8)he,wash,dishes,Does,sometimes?the


Ответы и объяснения


1. Teacher at school teaches students.

2.Greengrocer at greengrocer's sells fruits and vegetables.

3.Postman take letters from post office to people's houses.

4.Waiter in the cafe serves people.

5.How often do you play soccer?

6.Sometimes Pam goes to the cinema on Saturdays. 

7. I usually go to the park once a week.

8.Does he wash the dishes sometimes?