Choose the best alternative to fill in the gaps in each of the following sentences.

1 The message got no at last.

a) out b) across c) away d) in

2 The workers no against severe conditions on the plant.

a) complain b) oppose c) threaten d) protest

3 People taking their ... to extremes tend to become aggressive.

a) values b) thoughts c) beliefs d) ideas

4 She tried to appear indifferent but her eyes gave her ... .

a) up b) apart c) out d) away

5 She eventually married the most ... of her admirers.

a) resistant b) defensive c) persistent d) intense

6 The librarian carefully... how to use the catalogue system.

a) showed b) explained c) asked d) told

7 "I was really scared," Jenny....

a) adrnJlted b) spoke c) persuaded d) denied

8 Mike ... on taking his own decision.

a) told b) insisted c) complained d) considered

9 I'll just call Sylvia to ... her that we are meeting at 8.

a) remind b) say c) speak d) recall

10 The children have ... to help us with the packing.

a) promised b) obeyed c) said d) denied

11 How many students are going to ... in this discussion?

a) protest b) participate c) work d) insist

12 The accident was very well covered ... and never reached the newspapers.

a) on b) with c) up d) by

13 My elder brother will never accept this new hair style,- I don't believe he is so... .

a) narrow-minded b) like-minded c) absent-minded d) broad - mInded

14 Joyce has practised a lot in our computer class, Now she is very ... in using computers.

a) certain b) confident c) tense d) determined

15 The robbers were ... as they waited the long minutes for the van to arrive.

a) tense b) tenseless c) tension d) tenseful


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