Ребят,помогите написать ответное письмо другу + ответив на вопросы: 1.Какие достопримечательности есть в Москве.2.Мои любимые места?.Что я посоветую ему посетить в первую очередь?


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Hello, my friend!

How are you?

I want to invite you to Moscow! It is a great city and the capital of Russia! The most famous and interesting place  that  you should visit first is The red square. There you can see churches, the Kremlin, cathedrals, the Tsar bell, the Tsar cannon and so on. I like to walk there with my friends. In Moscow you can also  visit different museums - The Tretjakov Galary, State historical museum, Central armed forced museum, old English court and so on. There are also a lot of parks! I advice you to visit Gorky Park - it is my favorite place! and  VVTs. I think you will like it!

Sorry. I have to go.

Write me! I will wait.