Помогите плиз)диалог на английском языке о Лондонском зоопарке(ну как типа я советую вам сходит в зоопарк потму что там,,,,,


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-hello,can you help me?

-hello,yes,of course

-what a  the most atracttive enterteiment in London?

-hmm...to my mind,its zoo park..you can see a crocodaile,monkeys,elephants, giraffes, ostriches and et cetera
-wow.. where are located  a zoo? 

- Zoo located in London street,you need turn right then turn left..
-thank you

-good luck! 

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What we will do today?
- I have an idea, we descend in the Zoo.
- A class, went.
- Look a giraffe.
- And elephant.
- It is here left.
- Class today opening of a new terrarium.
- Same sea lion.
- It not where isn't present.
- That is why this zoo the coolest.
- Here still there is a sea zoo.
- Well everything will suffice for today.
- It is necessary to advise to the father to remove it a zoo, after all it the coolest!