Без переводчика!!! Очень прошу всех!!! Надо написать мини рассказ(15предложений)какую одежду я ношу каждый день,что я одеваю на праздники(и тому подобное) Срочно надо !!!!!!


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As for me, i try to follow  the  fashion.but fashionable clothes is too expensive for me and i can  buy only a dress and  shoes.To my mind,cheap clothes are more  better and warmer than   trendy one.  also,i prefer casual style.ussually,i wear t-shirt and jeans because  i feel  comfortable in them.As for holiday,i wear  a dress and  boots with high heel its not comfortable but its  beautiful.At school i wear  school uniform its white blouses and  skirt but its boring wear it around all  year.i would like  to wear  at school colorful t-shirt  and jeans or jacket.In conclusion,we should wear clothes which we  like and which comfortable and suitable for us  because clothes make the man