срочно нада написать письмо другу на английском о любимой телепередачи с переводом


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My favorite TV show "What? Where? When? ". I started watching it even when I was ten. Of course, I did not understand many difficult questions, but the atmosphere of the game - hard and beautiful - I remember at this age. Much has changed in the transmission of "What? Where? When? "Postarishaly those who played from the very beginning, but the main thing is left: the playing field is divided into sectors, top six players that an hour will amaze viewers his intellect.

Founder of "What? Where? When? "Vladimir Voroshilov, now deceased, was a man of really creative, endowed with remarkable taste. It is thanks to him that the game was a powerful impetus to further development. After Vladimir Voroshilov invented everything that we generally call "What? Where? Cody? ". Today, this game is popular not only in the former USSR, but also in many foreign countries. Curiosity to "What? Where? When? "Growing every year, expanding the range of viewers, changing the composition of players in the studio, which rightly called experts.