нужно распределить в таблицу:British people. 1 столбик DONT; 2 столбик usually; 3 столбик-try not to

1)give flowers to a man.
2)greet people with a kiss.
3)They only kiss people who are close friends and relatives.
4)They always kiss on one cheek.
5)say "Good appetite" to people who are having meals.
6)take their shoes off when they enter someones home.
7)give up the place on a bus in favour of older people.
8)keep a distance takking to a person.
9)stay an arms length away.
10)open a present in front of the person who gives it to them.
11)arrive at the exact time.
12)greet their friend as many times as they meet them during the day.
13)queue in line waiting for a bus or a service.
14)shake hands when they are first introduced to someone.
15)make way for older people.
16)give even or uneven number of flowers.
17)jump the queue.
18)talk loudly in public
19)stare at anyone in public.
20)ask about age.


Ответы и объяснения


1) 4, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20

2) 1  3  5  6  7  10  11  13  14  15  

3) 2 8 9  16