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It's been a century since the world found out about new creation of mankind. I am telling about TV.TV were been spread all over the world very quickly. Now almost every family has a large movie theater, but at least a normal TV set. I dare to say that many people are spending a lot of time watching TV. On other hand, it is too bad for  for our eyesight , also, TV shows us different proscribed programs which  badly affect our psychology.


Television plays a big role in out society too and a lot of people prefer watching televition to reading a newspaper. Televitoin provides a great opportunity for people to learnlatest news, watch educational programmes, children's programmes, old and new films and soap operason TV. TV- series have also become very popular with the russians nowadays. As for me , i usually watch documentaries and game shows on televition. I think that it is impossible to live without televition, even thogh the Internet, I am sure , wiil replace it one day in future.