ПРИВЕТ НАПИШИТЕ СОЧЕНЕНИЕ НА ТЕМУ ( почему нужно больше времени уделять родственникам ) ПЛИЗ ОЧЕНЬ НАДО


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Your family and your relatives are nearest and dearest people for you. If you need help or advice they always find time to help you. Even it is night you can call them and they will do everything they can. So you must reembet that and spend more time with them when it is possible and not when you need it. They also need your love and warmth. You must try to spent holidays with them, f.e. New Year, you know it is a family holiday. Your family is a part of you and your life. A famile is a very important thing in our life. And the worst thing in our life - it the death of our relatives. It is a great sorrow. So you must try to spent every free minute with your family, because yuo won't be happy without family.