Добрый день, помогите пожалуйста с заданиями по английскому.

1) Complete the sentences by changing the verbs in brackets into Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous forms.

1 At the end of this semester, Max will have been studying (study) at university for two years.

2 ... (you/have) dinner before you get here or should I prepare something for you to eat?

3 Saturday week, I... (go out with) Judy for two years.

4 You ... (drive) for over six hours soon. Why don't you stop for a rest?

5 If I get home very late, my mother... (worry) about me for several hours.

6 Don't call me after six as I ... (leave) by then.

7 I'll be exhausted by the time I cross the finish line as I ... (run) for over four hours.

(2) Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.

1 I don't think there's much (possibility / opportunity) for us choosing him for the job.

2 I only wear this suit on special (occasions / opportunities).

3 Did you get a(n) (possibility / opportunity) to speak to Matt yesterday?

4 She's just written to our company applying for a (work /job).

5 I'm a qualified engineer, so my aim is to find (work /job) in that field if I can.

6 One of my (work /job) was to count the money at the end of the day.

(3) Fill in the gaps choosing the correct words from the list on page 61.


Nearly 450,000 businesses are started in Britain (0) every year. One third (1)... these stops trading during the first three years. Starting a business is never easy (2)... so many things are outside your control. If you are thinking about working for yourself, you (3)... start by thinking about the qualities you need to (4)... a business. Be hard with yourself. If you have a weakness, it is better to find out now (5)... than later when your business could be in danger. Ask yourself (6)... you are a good organiser. Is your health (7)... ? Are you good (8)... making decisions? Do you have any practical experience of the business you want to start? Are you prepared to work long hours for very (9)... money? If you can't (10)... 'yes' to most of these questions, perhaps you should think again about starting up in business on your own.

0 a) every b) this c)last d)one
1 a) from b) of c) among d) in
2 a) however b) but c) because d) although
3 a) have b) ought c) need d) must
4 a) run b) make c) do d) set
5 a) more b) rather c) earlier d) quicker
6 a) which b) how c) whether d) that
7 a) fine b)firm c)well d) good
8 a) at b) for c) in d) with
9 a) short b) little* c) low d) few
10 a) give b) report c) answer d) put


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в 1 предложении будет STUDYING  в 2 предложении HAVE в 3 GOING OUT в 4 DRIVING В 5 WORED 6 LEAVING 7 RUNING ЭТО НОМЕР 1 НОМЕР 2  в первом подходит второе слово во втором подходит 1 слово в 3 подходит 2 в 4 подходит 2 в 5 подходит 1 в 6 подходит 2 НОМЕР 3 я немогу решить нужен учебник